Tesoro Gaming Chair: A Review



A lovely present comes in the mail, and boy was I surprised to see a chair with the color to match the occasion! It was the Tesoro Zone Balance gaming chair, just in time to binge on all the video games that I have been missing out on for the entire year.

The chair was comfortable, to say the least. It was a good fit for someone who sits in a chair for long periods of time, be it gaming or working.

So what separates this chair from a regular office chair? A few important features:

1. Comfort

Tailor-made for long seating periods with cushion-y texture amplified with style by the zigzag surface, this chair has a comfort level off the charts.

The amount of space available within the chair is comfortable, not too much and not too little space.

2. Customization

To be able to customize your hand rest, height, and your arm rests at perfect heights gives you an edge in your gaming.

Who knew seating in the right seat can take your game to the next level?

Check out the full review in the video!


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