Bio: I'm passionate about video games, technology, and writing. I've been writing for other blogs/websites and I'll be posting my work here. 🙂 FAQ: Who are you? I'm Theodoric, and currently I'm studying in Singapore Management University. I'm studying in the School of Business and my CCA is SMU Broadcast and Entertainment. Why do you love video gaming? I've set out on a magical journey to find out my passion in life. I've discovered a few things I love to do, but whenever I want to take a break, I end up playing some video games to destress. I've then come across a post that mentioned: Whatever you do when you procrastinate, is something you should pursue. Which is why now I blog about the games I play! Are you any good at it? I do my best. Haha. But I don't play competitively. I feel it takes the fun away from it (and also I'm not that good at it myself. Maybe if I'm much better I'd sing a different tune). This blog is about startups, and video gaming. Why such a weird combination? I blog about the things that interest me, and that's to tie up video games and a lifestyle that promotes the act of stepping out of your comfort zone. You don't need to be a budding entrepreneur to read what I have to say! Furthermore, I feel that if I blog about the things that interest me, the blog is more likely to interest you too. How can I contact you? Drop me an email at theophay@gmail.com Follow me on Twitter @theophay: https://twitter.com/theophay Or Instagram @theodoricphay

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