4 Questions to Ask When Making your 2015 New Year Resolutions

Hi everybody! And welcome to this new blog. My name is Theodoric, and most people call me Theo. I’ve been working on this blog since the start of the December holidays and would like to finally make it public for everyone.

So what is this blog about? My daily frustrations in life? No, too whiny. The food I will be eating? Nah, too cliché and I don’t really have the money to go café hopping.

This blog will be about one of the few interests of my life: Video gaming, Startups, and University life. The list won’t end there in the long run, but for the sake of being concise, we’ll start with these 3.

I’ve already filled up the blog with some stuff so you guys can take a look and not be bored with the first introductory post.

So to prepare for this new year, I’ll be sharing my New Year Resolutions and thereafter put up some guidelines on how you should do yours. I know people say that these resolutions never last, but why are you letting that affect yours?

My New Year Resolutions

  1. Keep this blog alive


This blog and this very post will serve to prove that New Year Resolutions CAN be kept if you put in the effort. It’ll be nothing less than hypocritical if I were to start off with a post like this but this blog isn’t even kept alive.

Like it’s mentioned: To achieve a great blog, I gotta keep it alive first.

  1. Projects in University

While busy with GPA/CAP, I feel that you should not just be bogged down by it alone. There’s a need to engage in different projects for your own growth and learning. That’s why I will be participating in projects around school, and I’ll sure to share any interesting ones here!

How to make a good New Year Resolution

Instead of a checklist on how to make good New Year Resolutions, I’ll be giving you something different. It’s just simply some questions to ask yourself while making them. If you can give yourself a committed response, you’re one step closer to making one that you can actually keep.

  1. What do I want to be when I grow up?

It’s time to seriously ask yourself this question. No more “I wanna be an astronaut!” It’s time to take some time to sit down and reflect on yourself. Take your strengths and weaknesses into account. Take what you genuinely enjoy doing into account. You might not get an answer immediately, but beginning to think about it is one step forward nonetheless.

If you already have a clear idea on what you want to be when you grow up, critique it! An easy question is also this: ‘If I’m doing it for no pay, would I still do it?” Then move on towards your final goal.

  1. What do I cherish most in my life?

What do you cherish most in your life? Family? Friends? Maybe a pet? Does what you do protect the things you cherish? Many times people do things that might be detrimental to what they cherish. People cherish their children, but are too busy working to actually spend any quality time with them.

This year, take some time to think of what you truly cherish. What makes you human?

  1. How am I going to protect the things I cherish?

After thinking of what you cherish, how do you go about protecting them? You obviously need plans to protect the things you cherish. If it’s time with your parents, make sure you always set aside time for that. If it’s your health, make sure you set aside time for exercise and to eat regular meals.

It is only by protecting the things you cherish will life be truly meaningful.

  1. If I die now, would I be happy? If not, what else do you need?


People work so hard that death seems to be a distant dream. The truth is, we can never know when we die. Instead of fearing death, we should be embracing it.

Death comes harsh to those who are not prepared. And we shouldn’t be so naïve as to think we’re too young to die. The real question to ask is “If I die now, would I be happy?”

Take some time for a nice holiday, or maybe a leave of absence. Do something that you always wanted to do but could never do it because of your job or school. Skydive, start a business, deliberately get lost in a jungle. Prioritize your happiness, and truly live life the way you should. Things will seem brighter, and who knows? Maybe the exhilarating respite might help you do your dull 9 to 5 job better.

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