DC Universe Online comes to Singapore!

Another game that I’ve been playing was DC Universe Online (http://dcuo.playpark.com/en/) especially since now it has moved to Asian servers and is less laggy (apparently). For those who don’t know what DC Universe Online (DCUO) is about, get your head out of the well and prepare to see a game that is bound to set any fanboy’s emotions ablaze.

This is the trailer for the game and I must say it’s pretty awesome, considering its been the game has been there since 2011. Here are some of it’s cooler features:

1. Customisation BEFORE the game What I absolutely LOVE about DCUO is that you can customise a perfect character BEFORE the game itself. You can have a hero exactly how you want it to look like and there is even an option that prevents new equipment from changing how you look. No more endless grinding so as to look cool. You already look cool at the start!

Check out how you can customise your character:

2. Stand together with OR toe-to-toe with your favourite characters

Naturally, you’d get to choose if you wanted to be an iconic superhero or a demented supervillian. This then allows you to fight together with your favourite heroes/villians in raids and instances. You can even get to explore places like Gotham and Metropolis (while flying). Truly a turn on for the inner geek as any action you do makes you feel like one of the important comic book characters.

3. Real-time combat

It isn’t like Superman or Batman to take down a villian simply by hitting the right-click button. Instead, DCUO takes you into the heart of battle by requiring you to juggle skills and also left and right clicks to take down the enemy. Expect to do a lot of punching and rotating skills at the start, especially when your character is a fresh new face.

4. FLY


Have you ever wanted to fly just like the superheroes of your childhood? In DCUO, you can create a character that literally FLIES. Say goodbye to mounts and balloons as you soar through the skies and leap tall buildings in a single bound. DCUO is truly a game for the kid at heart.


Overall, DCUO appeals to both the DC fan and the one who just is looking for a WoW alternative. It’s a truly entertaining game to play and for it’s price (free), its definitely worth it.

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