3 Reasons why you should get the Heroes of the Storm Beta Key

Even though this post is slightly late, it should still be mentioned that Heroes of the Storm Beta is out!

So go and sign up here: http://us.battle.net/heroes/en/?-

I get a lot of questions in the form of: Why should I switch over from Dota/LoL to this unheard of Moba?

Therefore, this post is dedicated to these ignorant fools.

I’m kidding about the ‘ignorant fools part. But seriously you should at least check out what I have to say.

Blizzard Heroes Clash in an Epic Fight

No matter how much of a non-gamer you are, you definitely would have heard of some of Blizzard’s star franchises: Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft. For a Blizzard fan like me, there’s no greater joy in seeing an amalgamation of some of my favourite heroes in a single game fighting it out. There are all sorts of heroes: Cute, quirky and even sexy ones. They also already have an intricate lore that you probably have already heard of.

Take your pick!

No Early-Game

Some may immediately pick up the fact that HotS has no items or skills to level up. You don’t even need to last hit. Instead, you’re given access to the 3 skills at the start which scale up as you level up. You then subsequently pick an ultimate (usually choose 1 out of 2 ultimates the hero has) and then choose ‘Talents’ as you level up, making the system significantly different from Dota and LoL. While some may accuse the game of being too simple, essentially these changes take away the early game phase where instead of going to your lanes to last hit, you can start to gang right off the bat. There are no Late gamers/carries as all heroes scale nicely as they level. If you need a quick fix of PvP adrenaline, HotS is the game for you.

Map Objectives

Blizzard has tried its best to make sure that Hots is different from Dota and LoL, and this difference comes in the form of map objectives. Hots has many maps, ranging from fighting with pirates to freeing a Dragon Knight. While the main focus on Dota/LoL is level up and push towers, Hots focuses on securing map objectives right off the bat. Pushing towers comes off as counter-productive when securing objectives can take down towers in a much more efficient manner. Definitely a huge ‘cultural’ shock when porting over, but it certainly makes Hots much more fun than other Mobas.


Overall, I enjoyed the experience Hots has brought me. I even stopped Dota for it. Definitely worth a shot for the self-acclaimed Moba fan.


Yes I’m talking about you.

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