5 Ways of Earning Money You Probably Don’t Know About

Feeling the strain of juggling finances? You’re not the only one feeling that. Money has become such a complicated topic as the money you earn is almost never able to cover your expenses.

Is there any way to ease that financial burden?

Today, we will share some effective and easy ways to earn money without quitting school or your job. Important characteristics include flexibility (to accommodate to your schedules) and a high reward to effort ratio.

We also won’t be mentioning the common ways to earn money outside of your job, such as giving tuition. We have researched and delved into new ways to earn money, especially since Social Media is getting more prominent. These methods do not require you to be any sort of celebrity (like owning a high profile blog) or any form of investment. Just open your mind and who knows? Maybe you’ll even have fun doing it.

Help someone out at Fiverr

Everybody has a talent. Be it video editing, graphic design, website design, etc. Instead of wasting it, you should share your talent with the world!

There are plenty of websites that request for different forms of talent simply because nobody is perfect enough to do everything. A popular website is Fiverr (https://www.fiverr.com/) where you can help someone out by doing anything like designing a T shirt or recording a voice-over all for a minimum sum of $5.

By doing so, you can help others, get paid AND even get to do something that you like doing.

Writing at Hubpages

The cool thing about blogging is that once you manage to get a high traffic to your blog, you can get paid just for writing. You’ll most likely end up as a celebrity as well! But the effort required just to start and market your blog can certainly be daunting.

At Hubpages (http://hubpages.com/), you can start writing articles right off the bat. There’s a community at Hubpages that loves reading interesting topics and are even friendly enough to comment and give tips.

Once your posts reach a certain threshold of followers and reads, you can submit a form to Google Adsense and they can put ads on your posts for you to earn money. Most people at Hubpages admit to writing for the money, so there’s no stigma attached. As long as you write relevant and engaging content for the readers, people are all generally supportive of what you write. 

Find a Part Time Job at Stroff.com

Earn some money via a part time jobs Singapore opportunity

Stroff.com (http://www.stroff.com/) is a portal that has a whole list of part time jobs in Singapore for you to choose from. They have many part time jobs for students, graduates and also for working adults. Working part time, even during the weekends is a great way to get some additional income, especially if your weekends are mostly spent wasted on the sofa or in bed.

More importantly, it helps with time management and as it helps you shake off the habits of procrastination. It also helps gives you the precious work experiences you may need for your resume.

Freelance at Elance.com

Elance (http://www.elance.com) allows you to find freelance work of all types. People there need others to do things like editing, copywriting, resume building, and other odd jobs.

There is a huge variety of jobs that do technical, data entry, accounting, design, etc. You can sign up for an account and showcase and market your skills. You can also trawl through the job database and submit a bid for the job. Sometimes, people may even contact you directly. This is certainly a flexible way of earning money: You don’t even need to be working from 9 to 5.


Last, but certainly not the least. You can do nothing.

“Nothing you say?!” Yes.

‘Nothing’ certainly beats bombing all your money on drinks or on clubbing. In other words, save the money you have. There is no point earning so much money but end up spending all of it on more expensive toys. People these days focus so much on earning money that they forget the importance of saving for a future.

Take your money and invest it. If you don’t know how to invest, invest in courses that teach you how to. Paying for some retail therapy or some partying fun is good once in a while, but never make it into a habits.

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