#PAT Series – 11 Awesome games to play with your friends

So – staying at home while working your butt off driving you mad? I’ve been asked for some game recommendations “which aren’t too hardcore” (whatever that means).

Here are some games you can play with your friends online together!

Overcooked 2

The party game of the kings. Overcooked 2 has been the party game you can hop on to play with or against your friends. Sure there’s a learning curve, but does that really matter?

Save 40% on Overcooked! 2 on Steam

You work together (or fail together) with friends in a kitchen to serve as many orders as possible. Think Diner Dash, but with friends. There will be challenges including but not limited to – Moving platforms, difficult-to-reach ingredients, and working-less-than-efficiently friends.

War and peace, er, fish: Overcooked 2 review | Technobubble

You don’t even need Overcooked 1 to know you screwed that order up

Overcooked 2 grants you the thrill of cooperation, the satisfaction of a job well done, and filters the good friends from the useless ones.

All on a silver plate.

  • 10/10 for game, 1/10 for friendships remaining afterwards.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 on Steam

The classic and most iconic multiplayer Zombie apocalypse game. Play as a team of up to 4, or as a 4v4 face-off with up to 8 friends where you can prove you’re the better survivor.

What’s more, the skills you learn here are applicable during the lockdown – that annoying hoarding crowd at the supermarkets wouldn’t obstruct you that much with a crowbar in your hand.

Left 4 Dead 2 Multiplayer Playthrough / Gameplay Part 9 No Mercy ...

Treat those not practicing social distancing the same way – shove them away first to thin out the surrounding crowd

This isn’t a horror game so much as an action/strategy game, where you need to strategize, stick together and mow down zombies while looking out for and killing “special ones” with abilities. These “special zombies” would be controlled by another 4 players (in a 4v4 situation) and it’s their task to stop you from reaching the endpoint.

All in all, an amazingly fun game to while the afternoon away while screaming for help.

  • 9/10 for game. -1/10 for the 9th friend in the group


The Jackbox Party Pack on Steam

The go-to Zoom game. Jackbox has 6 iterations with 4-5 games inside each one. They’re a clever spin to the annoying Kahoot game your trying-too-hard teacher gets you to play to pay more attention to the rest of the lesson, not knowing that you already gave up 5 lectures ago.

Quiplash and Fibbage Bring the Party | Geek and Sundry

The games in Jackbox gets everyone to play together on their phones, as long as there’s a shared computer screen that everyone can see. Play games like Quiplash where you get to write clever answers to questions and the rest votes on their favorite (think Cards Against Humanity) or Murder Trivia Party which is Trivia night with a fun twist.

It’s fun for all friends and family, and you don’t even need to be in the same room. So grab your friends, get into the Zoom call, and save the awkward silences by getting everyone to play this. Thank me later.

  • 9/10 for all round fun, except for that friend who takes it a bit too seriously

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game ...

The undisputed winner of COVID, apart from Zoom. Animal Crossing is what you call a right time right place moment – it launched right when the pandemic went full-throttle. What started off as a niche game in previous iterations became the mainstream game for all gamers alike.

Animal Crossing allows you to live your dream island life, where you build an island from scratch. Invite villagers, decorate your island and even go full-out construction mode to terraform the whole thing because pre-generated islands aren’t your style.

Why Animal Crossing may not be good for your mental health | Metro ...

Probably the main feature of Animal Crossing is the ability to go online – allowing you to visit or invite friends to your island. Show your island off or go to friends island to steal everything from them. We know that’s the main motive.

Animal Crossing’s popularity boomed so much that it even has a third-party Amazon where players trade items, recipes and furniture, and a black market where villagers are exported for real money (talk about cruelty).

All in all, Animal Crossing is whatever you make it out to be – a fun game you can choose to play at your own pace, or a cruel ruthless black market where it’s better to establish a monopoly and get everyone else to fall in line.

I guess that’s pretty much life itself.

  • 10/10 because my girlfriend told me to put that


MapleStory | Play Now

I can’t believe I’m writing this – but Maplestory still makes the list. Say what you want about it – but the developers are still introducing a lot of content to the game (how many bloody classes are there now?)

New 5th Job Skills | Official MapleStory Website

The number of classes this game has is probably more than the number of classes I went to when I was schooling

There really isn’t much to talk about MapleStory that you don’t already know. You can check out some from my article here.

MapleStory will still appeal for the same key reasons:

  • The 2-D art style is timeless and isn’t very graphic-intensive
  • The RPG aspect is still well alive, where you can choose the character you want to be while seeing it get stronger the more time you play on it (Unlike me with DOTA 2, where the more I play the more I see myself not getting stronger)
  • Doing everything I mentioned AGAIN with multiple characters!
  • Engaging in boss fights with friends while pretty much re-living nostalgic moments now that everyone is still at home

Jumped right back into the world, since there’s no where else to be anyway. At the very least, you can always re-live the moment of getting that annoying prick to “cc pls” again.

  • 8/10 for nostalgia and timeless factor


Fortnite for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

The game that probably every kid is into right now – but you have no idea what it is about. Fortnite took the world by storm, and it is bigger now more than ever before. With its cute cartoonish graphics, generally fun non-realistic engines, and straightforward gameplay, it’s hard to remember you actually suck at this game.

Fortnite is a battle royale, where you aim to be the last person standing. Gather materials to build structures to protect you (or hinder your teammates, like me), source for bigger and better weapons around the map (or rush in Rambo style to get killed in the first 5 seconds, like me), or hide in the bush to camp for unsuspecting passers-by (like me, but still get spotted and wiped off the map like how I wipe my tears after each game).

Fortnite (2018) - Gameplay (PC) - YouTube

It’s a fun game to play with friends in a squad as you try to camp out the last few players, only to realize that in the time you took to climb up the hill for a vantage point, they’ve already rebuilt the Acropolis in Greece.

Furthermore, with the pandemic, Fortnite has also introduced “party mode” where you don’t go in to kill, you go in to.. party. It re-invented night clubs, allowing people to come in, listen to renowned DJs (you know Epic is loaded enough to do that) and just enjoy the time instead of going for the headshots. The best part of it all, no need to make sure that friend who says “I can hold his alcohol, don’t worry I’m fiNEee” gets home safe too.

All in all, a fun game to play with your friends that can easily turn into hours of unadulterated fun.

  • 8/10. Would be higher if I could actually win it


Buy Minecraft - Microsoft Store

The greatest indie game ever, and it’s very much relevant today. Minecraft is Animal Crossing on steroids. Instead of an island – you have a whole world. 

Minecraft is essentially a god-simulator, where you can create a world exactly how you want it to be. There are some rules and conditions, much like the real world. E.g. Water flows in a set direction, fire burns, pigs produce bacon, etc.


For a game that has no storyline, graphics, or genre, it does pretty well. But be warned, having form with no substance doesn’t work all the time. Ask my boss about me – he knows.

Think Lego, but in the virtual world. Minecraft allows you and your friends to exercise your creativity through hours of gameplay. You can also join other people’s islands (who have probably spent wayyyyyy to much time on it pre-COVID). I’ve seen Hunger Games, a recreation of Hogwarts, and a tad too many phallic structures in those games.

Minecraft is sure to take up the entire day as you live out your greatest fantasies. Just make sure your friends are ok with knowing what those fantasies are.

  • 9/10. Full score only averted because I had to wiki 90% of the time

World of Warcraft

Prepare to Cross Into the Realm of the Dead in World of Warcraft ...

The (almost) undisputed leader in MMOs. The gold standard. The one putting their mark on the word “benchmark”. World of Warcraft (WoW) is the MMO all other MMOs prays to their god (or religious deity, or patron – whichever rocks your MMO fantasy) to become when they grow up.

WoW has a consistent stream of content throughout the years. Some a great hit, some a huge miss (I’m looking at you Warlords of Draenor). But all in all, the experience in WoW is hard to replicate, and this pandemic is a great excuse to revisit Azeroth with your friends after long putting it away.

World Of Warcraft Classic' Feels Like A Totally Different Game

WoW’s RPG experience is unparalleled. You get the “customizable skill trees – a myriad of classes” combo with proper end-game content but a proper leveling curve to learn the class to its full extent.

The raids are fun and engaging too – investing time and effort really nets out the rewards and satisfaction of seeing your character grow from a puny orc warrior to a warchief. I heard anyone can be warchief these days.

The new expansion is coming out soon too – and it looks pretty good. Just don’t pick Human Paladin. Never pick Human Paladin.

  • 9/10. Also need a sugar daddy for the game

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty®: Warzone | Home

I must admit I was never really into Call of Duty (CoD). Yes I know it embodies the male fantasy of going in guns ablaze and killing all the bad guys, but I could never understand the appeal. Perhaps its the stark realism of having to go through a potential World War 3, or the fact that I’m not really good at the game.

Either way, I approached CoD the same way I would approach a girl at a bar – with a million self-doubts, a resigned attitude knowing it’s never going to end well, and a steeled spirit ready to be broken at the end of it all.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Team Deathmatch Gameplay (No ... But I must admit I was very surprised at how great this game is. Servers are great and stable, the gameplay is fun and exciting and there isn’t that much to grind. Hell, even grinding didn’t feel that bad.

CoD isn’t so much a warfare game (despite its name) but more of what CS:GO should have been. You have different game modes, lots of guns to choose from, and less strategy and more action-packed. It’s the perfect game to grab some friends, head into a lobby for “a short while” and end up seeing the sun come up.

The best of this game is there is legit cross-play. So grab those pesky friends who jumped to another platform – no excuse to not get this game to play together. If they say no, you know they’re not the friend for you.

  • 10/10. Wholesome experience especially if you mute teamspeak. Trust me on that.

GTA V Online

I feel the need to include this game given that it was free on the Epic Game Store. GTA V has a great storyline in an open world setting, but we’re looking at GTA V Online – the online multiplayer experience in the GTA V world.

Buy GTA V Online - ❤️Game currency❤️ and download

Live that thug life in GTA V, where it’s probably the only time I can get a car that looks this nice without repercussions

If you’re an old school player, you probably know about GTA and its franchise, but not too much on the online element. GTA V online is kind of a Second Life (God knows what happened to that game) in the GTA V world, where you start off with a mute main character and are given jobs (your missions or quests, if you will) that involve racing, deathmatches, and capital-M missions, which are a mix.

GTA V is best played with a group of your friends, where you can go out in the open world to wreck all sorts of havoc you can only dream of. You can round up the crew to rob stores, fly around in helicopters, screw around with the police, and get into all-out gunfights.

GTA V isn’t an MMO like WoW, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s more of an open-world real-life simulator. And in a time where we’re all cooped up at home, perhaps this is the best game to play to feel like we used to belong outside.

  • 8/10. Lower score because I have no friends.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Review | CGMagazine

A surprising entry, even for me. I saw Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (WV2) on Steam for USD$4.60 and thought to myself “Eh, let’s give it a shot”. The experience was stellar fun, gorgeous levels, and amazing gameplay.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 PS4 Patch 1.06 Released - PlayStation Universe

One main issue I had were that the characters looked pretty ugly, but didn’t matter since I was in First-person all the time

WV2 has very straightforward gameplay. Similar to L4D2, you chose a character, jumped into a game, and fight your way past hordes of rats to the endpoint. Just like your brand new Adidas sneakers that you purchased for over $300 few months back, the storyline and details don’t matter.

All Character Careers, Classes, and Abilities in Warhammer ...

You have 5 main classes, synonymous to the warrior, rouge/archer, mage and gunslinger class in MMOs, and you mow down enemies, fight bosses, complete puzzles (wouldn’t even call them puzzles at this point) and get rid of “special” rats similar to L4D2.

There isn’t a versus element here, but there is a grinding element, where the more time you invest nets you variants of the characters (e.g. a tankier version of the dwarf, a rouge that uses a spear, etc) and more equipment. They have some RPG elements too – where there are talent trees to customize, skills to employ in battle, and different types of weapons.

But honestly, all these doesn’t matter as the gameplay and level design are simple and amazing. It’s a hack-and-slash. No more, no less. So grab some friends and let off some steam (see what I did there) with a game or 2, especially if versus mode in L4D2 gets you too stressed up and zombies scare you in your nightmares like me.

  • 8.5/10. Would be higher if the characters were nicer looking

So those are you 11 games you can play as we continue to practise social distancing at home. Got any other recommendations? Leave them in the comment section!

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